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Get Used to Disappointment is perhaps a strange name for a blog. Yes, it’s a great line from The Princess Bride (1987) and perhaps the best advice you could ever give someone, but for this blog the title serves as a warning. My goal is to either be profound or whimsical. Hopefully, I hit more often than not yet sometimes I’m going to miss my mark, perhaps by a wide margin. Ideally, the good will outweigh the bad, all I ask is that you get used to the occasional disappointment and focus on the positive.

Starting in February 2013 every Wednesday there will be a humorous dialogue posted. I love writing dialogue, as a writer it’s my favorite part of the job. My novels aren’t quite as zany or humorous as I might like so every Wednesday I’m throwing out an exchange for your enjoyment. I also intend once a week to blog on one of my myriad interests. These will usually be humorous, sometimes I may get serious and I ask that you forgive my diatribes. If you like something then hit “like” and rate it with the stars at the beginning of the blog. Comments are really, really welcome and I certainly respond to them.

As for personal details about me, well, I’m married, have two kids, and am a writer. My books, mostly co-written with my wife, are in the sidebar and they’re pretty good. I have a J.D. from the Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America and a B.A. in history from the University of Florida. I’m pretty knowledgeable about public policy and law. I’m an avid tabletop roleplayer and have been since the 1980s. In fact, I have a column on duet roleplaying at RPGNet that’s been going for a few years now. I am a geek. Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Farscape, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, whatever, you put a starship in it and I’ll probably watch it. Speaking of which, I love movies. Not just sci-fi, but silent, black and white, Bollywood, animated, action adventure, dramas, romantic comedies, and just about anything. Yes, I do read but not as much as I should and I’m trying to rectify that with a more aggressive reading schedule starting in 2013. Politically, I’m a liberal pragmatist. Spiritually, I’m a secular humanist with a dash of Buddhism. That’s me more or less.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Get Used to Disappointment.

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